Preface (Gautama Buddha was born in Hela Bima Part I)

It has become a must that all of us, as people who are born and live in this Helabima, to read, analyze and understand well the truth mentioned in this book.

 We all, as people is a must not necessary to say that story finds here is an amazing story. It is not something had heard before, a story which is beyond your imaginations. But this is the absolute truth. This is not a created story. Not a statement based on assumptions either. Not an imaginary or an affectation without a proper foundation. This is the absolute truth declared with a very clear mind.

It is guaranteed that you too will get the feeling as if you had seen the Buddha himself, will be overjoyed when you realize that you too are born in this Janbudveepa and reading about it’s true  story which is the only island in this world where all the Buddhas attend to the sacred Enlightenment. That is nothing but the absolute confidence, Saddha. All who follow Dhamma, who are born in a sacred island of this nature, in a Madya Mandala where all the universal energies are centralized and in a time period that the supermundane Buddha Dhamma is disclosed and preached, should read this true story as well.

It’s a fact known by everyone that for a long period of 1500 years in the history, this absolute truth was covered up, Buddha Dhamma had gone through alterations and the path to Nirvana was closed up. It should also be mentioned that a suitable environment with all the aspects is formed now in which the truth can be revealed again, supermundane Buddha Dhamma can be preached to the ones who are blessed in the world and path to Nirvana can be opened up. The absolute truth can never be forcefully pressed up and kept forever by the lie, the falsehood, hypothesis, the norms and standards. According to the cause and effect, Dharma Niyama, the absolute truth will be disclosed by someone in the real time.

And we should realize that a group who do not accept even the absolute truth is also live with us. Once who have gone in to visionary extreme ends due to raga, dosa and moha will never be able to see the truth. The truth is not something pleased by them. We have to be compassionate towards them too.

The ones in that nature who read and listen to this story would violate and go against the limits of their patience. That is also a Darmatha. These things happened even in the times of the Buddha. We should not hate them. It is not necessary to be angry with them. It should be our genuine thoughts that one day they too should realize the truth.

When this absolute truth is disclosed, it may be something not relevant for many people who have become the extremists in gains & enjoyment, intoxicated in education & intellectual properties, who are strong in positions & designations. Sometimes they will constantly attempt to change the truth to the false. In displaying their powers, they may attempt to use their money to ‘buy’ the media. They would go against the absolute truth, they would go against Gautama Buddha. They commit aryopavada, we should realize that also.

Everybody is aware that this eon we live in is very close to an elimination of a Kalpa. The elimination of concepts is one of the key things to be destroyed in the elimination of this Kalpa. In this process it is certain that many mythical religious concepts which are highly praised and prevailed in the society also will be eliminated. In the past, along with The Enlightenment of Gautama Buddha, elimination of the concepts too was occurred. The disappearance of sixty two religious beliefs was occurred along with the appearance of Buddha Dhamma. As it happened in the history, this definitive incident would happen in the future as well, again and again.  It’s a return. The elimination of the mythical religious concepts in the elimination of this Kalpa in 2012 is something which cannot be stopped by any one or any modern science. The absolute truth is revealed in this manner as its time for the intelligent people to focus on themselves and need to realize the objective truth by giving up the religious concepts and need to step on to the pathway of sublime Buddha Dhamma. In order to open up the pathway to Dhamma, ones who do the unwholesome are destroyed by the effect of the Darmatha itself and now it is in progress.  Hence it’s time now for the exremistic concepts to be destroyed and the truth to be shined up in the world.

By revealing the truth based on the information in this book, It is not expected, in any way to hurt or condemn any one and to make any inconvenience or unjust to anyone. And also by revealing this truth, it’s not expected any personal gains, any publicity, any praise or any name or flame. Writing a book and earning money is also not expected here. This is nothing but a definitive task fulfilling for the betterment of the world.

This Hela Diva is the kingdom of Buddha. It is the island of the Dhamma, the virtues. Now, all the necessaries such as a total purification and a taking off all the hindrances & limitations, required for that kingdom of Buddha, the island of Dhamma, and also the island to be the world center for Dhamma again, are in progress.  When all these things come in to being and disclose with the effect of the truth and the power of Darmatha, ones who genuinely want to walk on the path of Dhamma will be able to achieve the freedom of Nirvana.

Meewanapalane Siri Dhammalankara Thero
Parama Nibbana Dharmayathanaya

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