The meaningful conclusion

In the period that Buddha lived, 2600 years prior to this date, based on administrative authorities, this Heladeepa had been divided preciously in to two.

  1. Yaksha Heladeepa where tribes like Yaksha, Naga, Kumbhaanda and Gaandarva lived, of which capital city was Alakamandava (Lankapura).
  2. Janbudveepa, which was popular as Deva Hela where Aryan clan lived, in which sixteen states were located.

It was in this Hela Diva that Sidduhath Gautama Bosath was born, Gautama Bosath attended in to supermandane Enlightenment, preached Dhamma from his very first sermon for forty five years to this world and finally attended in to parinirvana. In the past all these things happened in this Hela Diva where you and I live and die.

The Tripitaka preciously says that four Buddhas in this Kalpa[1] were born in this Janbudveepa itself. In the time of Gautama Buddha Janbudveepa was called “Hela Diva”, in the period of Kakusanda Buddha it was called “Ojadeepa”. In the time of Kashyapa Buddha it was “Mandadeepa”. This Janbudveepa was the birth place for all the Buddhas from the time of Deepankara Buddha. There isn’t any other island in this world other than this island, Hela Diva, what we call Sri Lanka now, where any man who aspires to attend to the sacred position called Enlightenment can be achieved. It is because that the active universal energies in this world are centralized in the Madya Mandala and it is situated in the center in Sri Lanka.  All the Buddhas who attend in to The Enlightenment can definitely get this energy only from the Madya Mandala situated in the very center in Janbudveepa in Sri Lanka. (See the map of Lanka).  It’s a constant that along with the disclose of this true Dhamma, ones who are born today in this Hela Diva and also a particular group of lucky people who will be born for seven hundred years in the future, with the effect of Buddha Shakthi [2],will be able to get the eternal relief from the suffering in Samsara, will get the chance to realize Nirvana. You also should think that you too are a lucky person, “The most supreme Buddha Dhamma” should be heard, it is necessary to step on to the path of Dhamma, should conform to Buddha Shakthi and attend in to Nirvana. (To get further enhanced your knowledge you can read the second version of this book).

[1] A world-period.  An inconceivably long space of time.  An eon.

[2] Energy or power of Buddha or spiritual power of the virtues of Buddha.

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