Conclusion and the end

No one can conceal – totally suppress – the true history of this Janbudveepa, of this Helabima  where Gautama Buddha was born and where all other Buddhas were blessed to be born. The genuine Buddha Dhamma is disclosed. The Nobel ones who had realized the Four Nobel Truth which guides them up to realization of Nibbana have come in to existence. In parallel to these, the place related to birth of Buddha, the place related to the Enlightenment of Buddha, the place related to the first sermon Dhammachakka, the place where Buddha Shakthi is gathered and caused for the Parinibbana of  Buddha  are discovered now within this Helabima. Their names are revealed and the places where they are located too are revealed.

These statements made on these places were not done with any assumptions. These absolute truths were experienced and revealed to the world. It is necessary to explain the reasons to the world which made to reveal these truths.

Although the most sacred, supermandane Dhamma which guides for the realization of Nibbana was discovered, disclosed and spread among the world, even in the form of writing, within the period of 2005 to 2008, the Darmatha revealed that there is another hidden reason acts as a hindrance and it does not let anyone to attend even to Sothapanna stage, the first fruition of the supermandane path.

In finding out the Dhammaanudamma Patipada i.e. the code of Dhamma to avoid this hindrance all these sacred places were guided by the Samaapathi,[1] were identified by the Samaapathi, disclosed by the Samaapathi  in the same day and at same time by the Samaapathi, and also the source of this too was disclosed.

That source is Mahaparinibbana Sutta. According to Mahaparinibbana Sutta just five minutes before the Parinibbana of Gautama Buddha, Ananda Thero, the great attendant of the Buddha, asked a question from the Buddha.“The Blessed One, you preached Buddha Dhamma for men and gods for a period of forty five years. They could hear you and see you. And gave the Parathogoshaka Prathyato men and gods, so then they too could join with Buddha Shakthi. Now, in the future, after your Parinibbanathey, men and gods, would not see you, hear your voice, would fail to gain the Buddha Shakthi. Wouldn’t they, the world, fail to find a way to attend at least to Sothapaththi as they fail to gain Parathogoshaka Prathya ?

No any ordinary man can attend at least to Sothapaththi stage without being united with the Buddha Shakthi, without gaining Parathogoshaka Prathya and by his own strength. To realize The Four Nobel Truths, to attend to Samma Ditthiit is a must for someone to complete all the four aspects of Sothapaththi. Out of them the first aspect called “Sappurisa Sansevo can be completed by gaining the Parathogoshaka Prathya through seeing the Buddha in live who realized The Four Nobel Truths and attended to the Arahantship by his self wisdom, listening to Dhamma preached by Buddha or listening to Dhamma preached by a disciple of Buddha who had attended to any fruition of the supermandane path.

According to Mahaparinibbana Sutta “Saddassa Kulapuththassa – Dassaneeyaanan Sanwejaneeyaanan  Chaththaaro Thaanaa” means that anyone had attended to the stage called Saddassa Kulapuththassa by hearing true Dhamma even after the Parinibbana of the Gautama Buddha from a disciple of Buddha who had gained the fruitions of the supermandane path, or in other words, any one follows the path of Sothapanna stage and wishes to attend in to the fruition of Sothapanna (to be Dassanena Sampanna) called “Dassaneeyaanan Sanwejaneeyaanan”, it is necessary to get his mind purified by seeing, paying  homage at least one of these four sacred places related to the Enlightenment of the Buddha. This is how that one can get united with Buddha Shakthi. Hence, at least one of these four places should be seen in order to attend to Parathogoshaka Prathya, Samma Ditthi and to complete the aspects of Sothapaththi.

Due to the effect of Darmatha these sacred places which are possessed with Buddha Shakthi, again due to Darmatha, were disappeared and suppressed by the jungle in the past eras where the sacred supermandane Buddha Dhamma was changed & suppressed, in the ancient times where the San Deshana i.e. the teachings of San were not heard, in a period where no one could hear the Noble Dhamma – the sacred supermandane Buddha Dhamma – which guilds for realization of The Four Nobel Truths. If these places were not suppressed and hidden temporary with the effect of Darmatha, these sacred places could have been demolished and destroyed by the ordinary worlds, by the invaders from the east and the west.

There are many persons born in this Helabima today who can realize Dhamma and gain the fruitions of the supermandane path and have already attended in to Sothapanna stage. That made me to contemplate on the past and go behind the answer given by Gautama Buddha for the important question raised by Ananda Thero, to attend in to Samapaththi and disclose and declare these four sacred places to the world correctly at once. These sacred places were disclosed as an aid for those Saddassa Kulapuththassa and so then they can attend in to Sothapaththi.

For this short period of 15 months, after these four places were disclosed to the world in the Poson Poya in 2009, not only a large no of people have visited and paid their homage to these sacred places, it is mentioned with confidence that they have silently gained the fruition of the supermandane path as well. Hence, it is time now to strength Buddha Dhamma again, to disclose the Buddha Shakthi to the world. It can be seen the signs of a new era from everywhere, the non-righteousness is destroyed and it springs up the righteousness. Understanding this Darmatha can easily be done when anyone thinks about things happening around with Yoniso Manisikara, the mindfulness. The sinner, the one who acts with Asoniyo Manisikara i.e. who acts with non-mindfulness will not know and see these Darmatha.

There are ordinary people living among us who think that I have done an offence by disclosing, explaining these absolute truths to the world. Now, the era where the path of Nibbana was closed up in a way that Buddhist world could not gain any fruition of the supermandane path, had come to an end. It is declared to the devoted Kulaputhras that all the hindrances are removed and cleared up the path totally, but not to the ones bound with ignorance and not having blessings to realize Nibbana.

While reminding the sacred text of Buddha “This Dhamma is not for the one bound with ignorance, Akgaana Duppannassa, but only for the wise” if you can’t get the understanding by reading this book, I would like to remind you with love and compassion that for anyone who acts against these sacred discloses of Dhamma then you are someone still stuck in the burning issue of Samsara, you have lost your way in the ocean of Samsara, you are running behind the illusion, having the thirst in gains and you are an unsatisfied man.


[1] Fact to be mentally absorbed, by means of a very high level of concentration, enabling consciousness to be regularly and a long time focused on an object such as Nibbana.


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