This is the second volume of the book අප උපන් මේ හෙළබිමබුදුන් උපන් ජන්බුද්වීපයයි what I published 16 months ago.

It is a must to be fulfilled by all of us, as the people who are born in this Helabima and live in this Helabima, to read, analyze and understand the absolute truth highlighted in this book. Every human being is having the mental freedom of speaking the truth, writing about the truth and recording them for the future use.

After reading most of the things mentioned in this book, you will experience a total new, different understanding in Dhamma which is not going hand in hand with the opinions what you knew all this times and what you had learnt following the conventional thinking, systems and methodologies. Buddha Dhamma stands for “Penetrating in to Paramartha Dhamma through the traditions”. What you read in books and learnt from someone is the tradition, the conventional thinking. They are nothing but guessings that you have experienced based on what you heard, saw and learnt. You should penetrate in to what you learnt on traditions and based on them you should see the absolute truth. Seeing the absolute truth is limited purely to you yourself. Seeing the absolute truth for you, cannot be done by someone else. After seeing the absolute truth through Prathiweda Gaana, you would realize that the entire knowledge that you gathered for all this times either through the reading of books or through the universities is totally based only on wisdom of guess.

It is only for a short period that the absolute truth can be suppressed by the imposing of rules & regulations Teekaa & Tippani. The sole purpose of writing this book is to make it easy to understand the absolute truth by the human beings & deities who has fulfilled the required merits for the real and right opportunity.

A group of people who have fulfilled the required merits to realize the bliss of Nibbana within the Order of Gautama Buddha are born now in this land of Buddha, Janbudveepa. May all realize that there isn’t any personal expectation in this exercise, all these discloses are done aiming to help them to realize Dhamma and are purely based on the thinking of being a refuge to them.

I believe that most of the information in this book would help the ordinary world, the Pada Parama  persons to take at least some knowledge about the Noble Path, to keep them away from miraculous & extraordinary concepts of gods and to realize the strength of the human mind, the consciousness. If you too are a blessed person, a person walks on the path of sacred Buddha Dhamma, it is up to you to realize that this absolute truth is purely for you. After publishing 26 books titled “නිවන් අවබෝධ කරගන්නට උපකාර වන පරම පවිත්‍ර සිරි සද්ධර්මය – The most supermandane sacred Buddha Dhamma which will help to realize the Nibbana”, the reason for disclosing the real truth of the birth place of Buddha and the Buddha Shakthi is to help out to fulfill a particular limitation in Maha Parinibbana Sutta.  If this task was not done by me to the society, the human beings & deities would have lost the great opportunity that they had in hand to gain the Samma Ditti and Parathogoshaka Prathya. Hence, this can be considered as an act of disclosing the absolute truth purely based on Dhamma Niyaama. May the information in this book help the blessed ones who follow the code of Dhamma to realize the bliss of Nibbana!

Meewanapalane Siri Dhammalankara Thero
2nd October 2010
Parama Nibbana Dharmayathanaya and Meditation Centre

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